Bashsea Signature Series

Introducing the new signature series from Mad Racks, I-Sea Coral Viewer, Bashsea ATO tanks

Mad Racks may be purchased in 3 different sizes

  • 6" x 11"
  • 11" x 11"
  • 11" x 20"

I-Sea Coral Viewers may be purchased from 4 different colors

  • White
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black

Bashsea ATO tanks

Two standard sizes 5 and 10 gallon, solid real american cast acrylic, double welded seams, only one clear front viewing panel keeping all excess light away from your water keeping it clean and sterile!... Triple lasered front water increments you can see from across the room... The top includes one large access hole with a solid 1/2" cast fitted lid , two dosing holes and one of our signature cord control holes which can be used when using a small dosing pump internally...

  • SS-5 (5gallon) 5"x15"x16"
  • SS-10 (10gallon) 10"x15"x16"
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