Fish Quarantine & Conditioning Information

FISH NEW ARRIVALS - Proper Acclimation if just as important as quarantine itself 

ALL NEW ARRIVALS go through a strict acclimation process. New fish arrivals are removed from their current water & placed into a freshwater dip dosed with Praziquentel for 3-5 minutes.

This does two things.

1. It removes any water from our suppliers that may contain any pathogens or undesirable medications in the water.

2. It will remove any external flukes. From there, the fish go into 50/50 fresh/saltwater solution & Formalin bath for 45-60 minutes

Fish are then moved to a clean batch 50/50 50/50 fresh/saltwater solution & acclimated over approximately 2 hours into one of our pre-medicated quarantine systems. 



- ALL new fish go through a 4 step acclimation process

- ALL fish are kept in an Anti-Parasitic medication at therapeutic levels to help prevent disease between fish/orders/systems 


HYDRA QT OPTION - As of 10/1/20

- We have lowered prices & only offer QT by request.

- The QT fee is separate & only paid if fish completes QT 14 day process & is picked up/shipped.

- If in the unfortunate event a fish dies during QT there is no replacement or credit as the QT option is at clients request & risk.

- If fish dies we do not charge any fee.

 **We pride ourselves on minimal loss, however things happen that our out of our control & in the event there is a loss & you would like to replace, we will always do our best to work with client on pricing for replacement.



- ALL new fish go through a 4 step acclimation process

- QT'd fish are kept in one of our 3 smaller/more isolated systems to avoid mixing new orders/arrivals

- 14 days (minimum) Anti-Parasitic (Marine Ich/Velvet)

- 7 days (minimum) Dewormer (internal parasites/flukes/black ich)

 Our regular quarantine medications consist of stages or combined treatments depending on fish & suspected issues/disease  

- Copper (Cupramine or Copper Power) - Treats Marine Ich, Velvet

- Praziquentel (dewormer)  Treats Black Ich, Flukes, Intestinal Worms 

Chloroquine Phosphate - Treats  Marine Ich, Velvet, Brooklynella & Uronema 

- Nitrofurizone - Treats for Bacterial Infections

 **additional time & or medications may be required depending on fish species &/or issues preventing them to be ready to go home 


Lastly, it is ALWAYS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to still utilize a observation QT for any new fish from us or ANYONE.Stress is truly the root of most fish issues - this means a healthy fully quarantined fish can have issues after shipping or when getting picked on in a new environment.


Helpful links for Fish Disease & QT protocols: